Stalen Plug

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Shiny, single flared plug made of surgical steel. The plug features a rounded back end, making these babies very easy to insert. The plugs are available in sizes starting at 1,6 mm and are a great option as initial stretching jewelry for stretched earlobes. The wearable length of these plugs is a bit on the short range, so please note that these may not be suitable if your ears are slightly thicker.
  • Single flared plugs made of surgical steel
  • Rounded end, easy to insert
  • Polished to a high sheen
  • Complete with rubber o-ring to keep the jewelry in place
Wearable length: 
7 mm
P.V.D. Black
Surgical Steel
Single Flare


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Average: 4.7 (20 votes)


20 reviews

Dit zijn al jaren mijn favoriete plugs. Ik raak alleen snel mijn o-ringen kwijt, maar dat is opgelost door er o-ringen in een kleinere maat op te doen. Ik ga ze ook in de andere kleuren bestellen.
Heel fijne plug. valt 's nachts niet uit wat ik wel verwacht had omdat hij op zijn plaats word gehouden d.m.v. een o-ring. Ga hier zeer zeker ook de volgende maten van bestellen.
Super stoer en gemakkelijk tijdens het stretchen! Ik ben er helemaal gelukkig mee.
Hele fijne plugs, zeker als je net begint met stretchen! Niet zwaar en makkelijk in gebruik, ook de o-ringetjes blijven heel goed zitten! Heb deze nu al 2 keer besteld en ben er elke keer weer super blij mee!
Ordered these in black, 8mm. Was a bit sceptic in the beginning; I really like the titanium stretch plug flat (also from this website ofcourse ), those are my favorites, and wanted exactly the same in black. As they dont come in black I decided to give it a go with these babies. I must say that I was impressed to see them. For that price they are a steal. Theyre nice and black! For me the wearable length is perfect because I purchased these for my nostrils. I was surprised how good they looked. Was a bit sceptic about the thickness of the disc because I like low-key jewelry, but these were stil well doable. Too bad they are quite heavy and you really feel that when you wear them in nostrils in my size. It was the first time in my life that I thought; wow, my nose is heavy So it wont be an every day pair, but maybe still good to wear a couple of hours when going to a birthday / concert whatever. Still wishing there was a piercingsieradenpiet who would bring me an exact copy of the stretch plugs flat in black ....Oh and last but definitely not least: happy you ship to Germany! I wasn't aware of that. As we would say in Germany: dicke Feder in deinem Liebe Gre aus Berlin