Skin Eyelet - Spring Edition

Kaos Softwear

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Limited Spring Edition skin eyelets by Kaos Softwear! These comfortable Skin Eyelets eyelets are made of super soft silicone and now available in beautiful spring colors. Very limited edition, so make sure to get yours while you still can! They flex and bend in every way, making these eyelets ideal for wear during sleeping, swimming or sports. The walls of these eyelets are extremely thin and low profile, which makes your stretched piercing stand out even more. Made by Kaos Softwear.

Please note that the surface of silicone jewelry is not completely smooth and slick. Do not wear silicone jewelry in freshly stretched or unhealed piercing, and do not use silicone jewelry to stretch your piercings.

Kaos Softwear produces their jewelry according to the American Wire Gauge system. In some cases, the listed size can differ from the actual size. The list below gives an overview of the listed size and the actual size that will be send out to you when you order.

6 mm = 6,5 mm
8 mm = 8,2 mm
10 mm = 9,2 mm
13 mm = 12,7 mm
Kaos Softwear
Wearable length: 
8 mm
Tropic Green
Double flare


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3 reviews

Wat een vrolijk kleurtje! Met de kwaliteit die je van Kaos verwacht. Super!
Altijd al een fan van Kaos eyelets. Ook deze kleur is geweldig! De eyelets zitten werkelijk perfect.
een hele aparte kleur. kaos softwear kon ik al : heel fijn in het dragen, je voelt ze niet zitten, zeer soepel in en uit te doen, in enorm veel verschillende kleuren te verkrijgen. de kleur is even wennen maar wel heel erg mooi.


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