Castile Liquid Soap - Citrus Orange

Dr. Bronner

Castile Liquid Soap - Citrus Orange
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    59 ml
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The perfect aftercare for tattoos, piercings and dreadlocks? We've got it! Dr Bronner's All-One Castile Liquid Soap is perfect for well, everything. This olive-oil based soap contains vegan, caring ingredients and is rich in natural oils and fats. Dr Bronner's soap is perfect as dread shampoo, but performs excellent as well as aftercare for fresh piercings and tattoos. It even helps to settle several skin issues. Dr Bronner's Liquid Soap is made of carefully selected ingredients and essential oils. Castile Liquid Soap by Dr Bronner comes in a 59 ml bottle made of recycled plastic.
  • Vegan, Fair Trade soap made of organic ingredients
  • Perfect for cleansing fresh tattoos and piercings
  • The favorite dreadlock shampoo of many dread-wearers!
  • Suitable for the entire body. Yes, even your teeth
  • Suitable as household cleansing soap
  • Foams nicely, but washes off easily without any residue or built-up
Dr. Bronner


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Fijne doucheolie, je hebt er weinig van nodig en schuimt heel fijn. Er staat dat je het overal voor kan gebruiken maar je haar ermee wassen vond ik geen succes, had al snel weer vet haar.


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