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Arctic Fox

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Go bold & vibrant with Arctic Fox hair dye! Packed in a easy to use bottle with a content of 118 ml. Arctic Fox is a semi-permanent and ultra nourishing hair dye with bright and intense colors that will turn your hairdo into something truly amazing. And of course, Arctic Fox is not tested on animals. Available in lots of different, spectacular colors, so get yours now! 100% Vegan & cruelty free!

How to use:
  • Wash your hair with a mild, Ph neutral shampoo
  • Use a bit of oil, cream or Vaseline around your hair line
  • Apply Arctic Fox hair dye with a tint brush
  • Comb or massage Arctic Fox hair dye through your hair
  • Allow to set for at least 30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly using cold or tepid water

  • Arctic Fox will give a brighter and longer lasting result on bleached hair
  • Pastels of grey color? Make sure your hair is bleached to a perfect, ultra platinum otherwise you won't get the desired end result
  • Freshly bleached hair? Rinse, wash, rinse some more. Bleach left-overs can influence or tone down the results
  • Prevent colorful fingers and fingernails! Use gloves
  • Want to get absolute maximum results? Wrap your hair in cling film and leave the dye in for a couple of hours
  • Arctic Fox can be blended to get the perfect, custom shade. Go crazy!
  • Use the Arctic Mist Diluter to create lighter shades
  • Create your own color conditioner by adding a bit of your favorite shade to a standard conditioner
Note: the end result depends on lots of different factors, including the condition of your hair, your base color and such. Even though we wish we could, we CAN'T guarantee any outcome of your final color.
Arctic Fox
Purple Rain


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3 reviews

Pakte goed op mijn bruine haar, zonder bleken. Heel blij met het resultaat!
Super blij mee dat jullie deze nu ook leveren. Fantastische haarverf, zeker voor iemand met een verf allergie. Het leuke is dat je heel veel kleuren combinaties kan maken door de verf te mengen. En het ruikt ook nog eens heerlijk.
Prachtige kleur op mijn lichtblonde haar. Je kunt een beetje spelen met de inwerktijd waardoor je de kleur kan sturen qua intensiteit. Heel blij mee! En ruikt heeeeerlijk.