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Little Ondine


Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and nail polish remover! With Little Ondine nail polish you will get nature's best. Little Ondine nail polish is odor free, contains no chemicals that may harm your nails and is absolutely vegan-friendly. The easy peel-off formula makes removing the color a breeze and makes it downright fun!

Little Ondine Nail Polish is available in lots of different colors. The formula is quick-drying and very long lasting, allowing you to enjoy your pretty nails to a maximum. Make sure your nails are dry and free from dust and oils before applying Little Ondine nail polish. Avoid getting your nails wet for at least one hour after application. Use Little Ondine's Secret Top & Base coat for a perfect base and glossy finish!
  • Nail polish made with natural ingredients
  • Peel-off nail polish: easy to remove without the use of nail polish remover!
  • 100% vegan, not tested on animals
  • Long-lasting formula, available in different colors
  • Contents: 10,5 ml
Little Ondine
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3 reviews

Valt me op dat alle kleurtjes zo'n mooie glans hebben!!!
Deze kleur heeft een hele mooie glans en blijft lang zitten!
Prachtige kleur. Dekt met 2 lagen prima, heel erg blij met deze geurloze nagellak serie!! Je haalt de nagellak er zo weer af, zonder remover. Top!! Ik ga zeker nog meer kleuren proberen! De nagellak is na openen 12 maanden houdbaar... Wat een mooi product zeg!


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