Mix & Match Barber Plugs - Crocodile Wood


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Mix & Match your very own set of plugs! Fantastic plugs by All Over Piercings BEAM! with unique barbershop-inspired designs. The plugs are sold per 2 pieces and there are 4 different designs available: beard, comb, razor or oil. Choose your own combination of designs! The plugs are made of crocodile wood with a double flare and flat front and back side. We will start processing your plugs immediately after completing your order and get them ready for shipping as soon as possible. Extraordinary piercing jewelry made of organic materials!

Order instructions:
  • Add the Mix & Match Plugs to your shopping basket
  • Check which design(s) you would like to order
  • Add the preferred designs (beard, comb, razor, oil) in the comment field of your order
  • Complete your order and we'll get started right away! Processing time is around 1-2 days
About the plugs:
  • Double flared, no o-rings needed
  • Made of crocodile wood
  • Home made by All Over Piercings BEAM!, the plugs are made in our very own head quarters
  • Processing starts directly after order confirmation and ships out as soon as possible!
  • Got your own design ideas? Mail us via [email protected] for the available options
  • Price per pair
Apply a bit of jojoba oil every now and then, this will keep your organic plugs nicely moisturized and will darken the color over time. This piercing jewelry is completely handmade, sizes and images can differ slightly.
Wearable length: 
8 mm
Light Brown
Double flare


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