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Médical Body Art

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The ideal aftercare for your tattoo and 100% vegan! The Vegan Tattoo Wax by Easytattoo is the perfect after care cream for your tattoos. Apply the balm 2 to 3 times a day on your freshly tattooed skin and your skin will feel soft, supple and nourished. Ingredients such as shea butter, argan oil and calendula soothe itchiness and redness and promote healing. The Vegan Tattoo Wax does not contain parabens and is packed in an easy to use jar with spatula.
  • How to use: apply a thin layer of balm 2 to 3 times a day and gently massage in. Clean spatula after each use.
  • Vegan tattoo balm with natural, plant-based ingredients
  • Contains shea butter, argan oil, calendula
  • Soothes itchiness and redness and promotes healing
Médical Body Art


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Echt een super fijne crme!! Echt een aanrader voor degene die bewust is wat die op het lichaam smeert.


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