Jojoba Oil - Organic

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    30 ml
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Jojoba is all you need! Our Jojoba Oil is made of pure, organic jojoba and packed in a flat, plastic bottle. Jojoba oil is perfect for stretched earlobes. It keeps them supple and healthy but can also be used as stretching lubricant to stretch your piercings. And that's not all: use Jojoba Oil for any patch of dry skin, your nails or even your hair! Jojoba oil is actually a type of wax that appears liquid at room temperature. Jojoba is a great moisturizer that matched the natural skin oils. Apply a bit of Jojoba Oil and massage your stretched piercings daily to maintain a healthy blood flow and supple skin.

Contents: 30 ml.


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Het flesje ziet er handig uit maar is het eigenlijk niet zo. Het dopje blijft vaak hangen waardoor je meer kracht moet zetten en zo spuit de olie overal heen.


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