10 Tips voor nazorg

1 Leave it the hell alone
Don't pick at it, don't play with it, don't twist and turn your jewelry. Just keep those pesky fingers faaaaar away from your piercing. Your fingers are loaded with all kinds of bacteria and other gunk (yes, even after a proper wash up) and you need to keep that stuff far away from your piercings. Just leave the piercing alone and make sure to wash up thoroughly before you handle your piercing (or better, wear nitrile gloves).

2 Less is more
Don't go overboard with aftercare methods, stick to one method and see how that works over time. Got questions? Check with your piercer.

3 Rinsing is cool
Clean your piercings while showering. Saves up water, allows you to rinse everything clean and keeps your floor dry as well. Total win!

4 Don't smoke, don't drink
Well, you shouldn't in the first place anyway, even if you're over 18. But especially while healing your piercing: leave the nicotine and alcohol alone. Especially oral piercings will suffer from these irritating substances, but in general alcohol and nicotine use can prolong your healing period.

5 Bye, harsh disinfectants!
Denaturated alcohol, Sterilon, Dettol and other disinfectants... just, don't. These products are wayyy to harsh for skin healing and will probably dry out your skin anyway. With a tiny exception for specific piercing and tattoo aftercare products that contain small amounts of disinfectants, but the packaging will tell you if it's a suitable aftercare method.

6 No swimming, no bathing
Well, keeping the normal hygiene up to date is of course neat, but just use a clean washcloth or take a shower. Just make sure you don't take a long, hot bath or head out for a swim, the bacteria in the water can increase risk of infection. This goes for saunas and hot tubs, too.

7 Keep it clean
Even if you consider yourself to have a pretty hygienic routine, make sure to clean your bed sheets regularly while healing a piercing or tattoo. It's very important to keep your healing skin as clean as possible, and your bed is the perfect place for a built up of bacteria and dead skin cells. Clean your sheets, use an old t-shirt as pillow cover (and change regularly) and use extra clean towels. Wear clean shirts while sleeping and wash regularly and you'll be good in no time!

8 No kissing </3
Booooring. But healing oral and genital piercings makes this part very important. Avoid oral contact with healing piercings at any cost. Your own body is pretty resistant to your own, personal bacteria-mix, but might react differently to your partner's bacteria-mix.

9 Buy a new toothbrush
Just got yourself a fresh tongue piercing or lip piercing? Than you'd do well to buy yourself a brand new toothbrush. This helps to keep your mouth as clean as possible and promotes the healing of your oral piercings!

10 Got burning questions? Call your piercer!
If you need some quick answers or are totally unsure about the healing process of your tattoo or piercing, than make sure you contact your piercer. They will be happy to help you out. If you are experiencing serious healing or health issues concerning your latest body modification, don't wait too long and contact your doctor. Remember kids, safety first!