Our Materials

Surgical Steel

Surgical steel is one of the most commonly used piercing materials. Steel is very easy to clean and available in lots of different sizes and shapes. The surgical steel used for our piercing jewelry is the so called surgical steel 316L. The numbers and letter indicate the chemical composition of this material. Our surgical steel jewelry complies with the EU regulations and is perfect for your piercings!



Titanium is often the best choice for fresh piercings. Titanium is hypoallergenic and perfect when even the small amounts of nickel in surgical steel jewelry give you trouble. Titanium is also used for microdermal anchors and microdermal discs. Our titanium piercing jewelry meets the strict demands needed for piercing jewelry and is perfect for all your piercings!



Glass is perfect for when you are stretching your earlobes! Glass is hypoallergenic -just like titanium- and can be autoclaved. Besides all that, our glass piercing jewelry is very sturdy thanks to the special production techniques, making our glass piercing jewelry great for lots of different piercings. Glass is very suitable for fresh piercings or piercings that are irritated. It's easy to clean and available in bright and bold colors. Our shop features plugs and tunnels made of glass, but also a select range of glass body jewelry for different kinds of piercings. All our glass piercing jewelry meets the strict demands needed for piercing jewelry. Please note: don't wear your glass piercing jewelry while showering, bathing or swimming. Glass igets very slippery when wet and might slip out of your piercing and break.



Silicone is ideal for wear during sports, swimming or sleeping. Silicone plugs and tunnels are very flexible and this makes the jewelry extremely comfortable to wear during all kinds of activities. Silicone is available in lots of bright colors, perfect to complete your look! Our shop carries high quality silicone jewelry by Kaos Softwear, guaranteed to last lots of years. We also carry a couple of varying budget options, so check back regularly to find your favorite style!



Organic piercing jewelry is made of natural materials, such as horn, bone, wood or stone. Our horn and bone piercing jewelry is made of Indonesian water buffalos. The water buffalo is a domesticated animal that is mostly seen in South Asia, where water buffalos are used to maintain the farm lands and for milk production. After the passing of the animal, their hide, horn and bone is often repurposed for all kinds of materials, including piercing jewelry. Wood is a beautiful, natural material that is perfect for plugs and tunnels. Wood is light, comfortable and can be carved into amazing shapes. Our wooden piercing jewelry features a smooth, satiny finish that makes them easier to clean and incredibly comfortable to wear. Stone is an amazing material for creating piercing jewelry, it offers wonderful colors and details that are truly unique to stone. Each plug or tunnel is completely unique and may vary slightly. Stone contains small inclusions and small cracks and dents. Don't worry, that doesn't mean your beautiful jewelry is damaged, it's all part of the natural charm stone has to offer. These small cracks or dents are usually no problem for regular and comfortable wear. Bone, wood or horn jewelry is very light and comfortable to wear and can be carved into incredible shapes and details. The color of all organic jewelry may vary per piece of jewelry, ranging from light to dark hues, sometimes slightly striped. Organic jewelry is porous, meaning that the material may feel very smooth and dense but still feautures small holes that are called 'pores'. When your jewelry is properly maintained and regularly oiled, it will stay pretty and comfortable to wear for a very long time. Make sure you don't submerge your jewelry in water or store it in a moist environment, because this will damage the jewelry over time. Due to the porous character of the material, all organic jewelry is only suitable for well healed piercings.

Read more about cleaning your organic piercing jewelry



Bioplast is a hypoallergenic, slightly flexible material that has been used in medical appliances for quite some time. Bioplast is very easy to clean and suitable for autoclave cleaning. Bioplast jewelry has non-stick capacaties, which basically means that small crusts and bodily fluids won't stick to the material. Bioplast piercing jewelry can easily be combined with steel threaded accessories and can be cut to any preferred size. If you need to create a new thread onto your jewelry, simply use a steel threaded accessory or use a threading tool. We carry lots of different Bioplast piercing jewelry styles and accessories, including Push-Fit Bioplast labrets.



Brass is a wonderful material that is used for making a lot of handmade, vintage jewelry styles. Brass is easy to shape and form and not as expensive as precious metals, such as silver or gold. Perfect for creating unique jewelry with intricate shapes! There are lots of brass jewelry styles available, such as ear weights, hanging styles, plugs, rings and more. Brass is an alloy made of zinc and copper. After some time, brass will develop a natural patina, giving it its unique, vintage look. You can polish your jewelry to remove the patina, or leave it as it is. We usually do recommend some polishing over time, to keep your jewelry in prine condition. The copper that is used in brass can form a green tinted layer. If you wear brass jewelry regularly and for longer periods of time, please be aware that this green layer can stain your skin. For this reason, we recommond you wear brass jewelry for short periods of time or wear them through a tunnel or (silicone) eyelet.