Veiligheid & Privacy

Your privacy is well protected at All Over Piercings. Allow us to explain a little bit more about this subject... We think it's important for you to know how we handle your details throughout the ordering process and how we make sure your details are securely protected while making a transaction.

When you are browsing through our webshop, you are browsing in a protected area. As soon as you enter any personal information, we will make sure you are protected as best as possible. Digital 'eaves dropping'? Not an option. Just check for the small icon in your browser's address bar, that will state that you're browsing through a secured connection (SSL certification through Verisign).

All your personal details (name, address, email address and phone number) you hand over to us are solely used for our ordering process. Your information will never ever be passed on to other parties. Pinky swear. Besides, you can always ask us to remove your details from our system, should you desire to do so. Are your details not up to date or do you want to review them? You have full access to all your details through your customer account, as soon as you are logged in. 


Our website uses cookies. Cookies are small bits of information that are stored on your computer, to ensure easy and quick browsing through our website. The cookies on our website are only used to enhance your shopping experience at All Over Piercings and for relevant advertising through Google Adwords. No personal information is gathered, they are simply used to remember the contents of your shopping cart or to allow you to log in automatically. 

Read our full Privacy Statement here:

Or read our privacy statement in pdf format (Acrobat Reader required) here: