About your account

Having an account at All Over Piercings offers all kinds of benefits! You'll be able to make full use of our wishlist, save up for credit and goodies at our MemberShip and keep track of your order. You can create an account before your order, but you'll automatically receive an account when you place an order with us. Let's sum up all those benefits of having an All Over Piercings account:

  • Manage your personal details: control and adjust your personal details at any given time. Add multiple delivery addresses which can easily be selected while placing your order.
  • Check your order status: see if your order is being picked by one of our staff or if your order has been shipped already.
  • Recieve product notifications: favorite items out of stock? Be the first to know when we have restocked them by simply clicking the 'notify me when available' button on our website. You will recieve an email shortly after the items have been restocked.
  • Create a wishlist: Perfect for keeping track of your favorite items! You can forward your wishlist to family and friends, just in case anyone needs some awesome gift ideas.
  • Write product reviews: rate your purchases and write reviews. Not only will this help other customers in making their choice, but you will recieve reward points for your reviews as well.
  • Reward points: Save up for discount! Each order, approved selfie or review earns you All Over Piercings reward points.
  • Upload photos: upload your gallery or customer photos with just a few clicks. Not only will this help other customers in making their choice, but you will recieve reward points for your reviews as well.
  • Manage your newsletter subscription: be the first to hear about new jewelry, get notifications about upcoming sales and recieve the latest offers. Of course you can always choose not to recieve our newsletter if you prefer. Simply uncheck the button in your user account panel.

We hereby solemnly swear that all your personal details are well protected. We will never pass them on to third parties and we will only use your personal details to make sure your order gets there as soon as possible. The only emails you will recieve from us will be concerning your order. You will only recieve our (most awesome) newsletter or product notifications when you have chosen so. And as stated before, you can always opt out on our newsletter if you would prefer so.

Placed an order but don't want an All Over Piercings account? Drop us a mail and we'll take care of that as soon as possible.