Discrete packaging

When you order at All Over Piercings, we'll make sure to pack your order in a sturdy package so that your goods will reach you in proper condition. We use carton boxes and padded envelopes for our international shipments, to make sure that your order is handled with as much care as possible during transit. If you prefer a discrete packaging, that's always possible of course! You can check this option during the ordering process, but we'll tell you more about our package material below.


Discretely packed

Not everyone needs to know where you get your awesome goods, we understand that completely. That's why we offer the option to get your goods packed in a neutral, discrete package. Simply check the 'discrete packaging' option during the order process, and we'll take care of the rest. Your order will be packed in a neutral carton box or padded envelope, without any logos or images. The address label is the same as with all our shipments, simple and neutral with the mention of your address and our address and company name. 

This is what our discrete package looks like:



Standard All Over Piercings packaging


Smaller sized orders will be packed in padded envelopes. No fancy stuff on the outside, just a label with your shipping address and a sender's (that would be us) address and company name. Envelopes will fit through most regular mailbox slots, which makes delivery very easy and there's usually no need to stay at home for the delivery.


Orders containing items that won't fit through a regular mailbox slot, will be packed in one of our super awesome All Over Piercings boxes! Our logo and company name are depicted on the outside, including an address label with your address on it and the sender's address. Of course these boxes will help to keep your ordered goods in perfect condition, but they also look pretty darn cool.

This is what our packaging looks like: