Frequently Asked Questions


Shipping Costs and Delivery

Delivery: What is the delivery time of my order?

Placed and paid your order on weekdays before 17:00? That means your order will be shipped out the very same day. For indicated delivery times for your specific destination, please refer to the list below. Please note: due to the covid-19 situation, shipments will take longer to be delivered. Please be aware of severe delays depending on your destination, contact your local postal services for details on your current situation.

Country Transit time Letter Transit time Package
Austria 2 - 3 work days 2 - 4 work days
Belgium 2 - 3 work days 1 - 2 work days
Croatia 5 - 8 work days 7 - 9 work days
Czech Republic 3 -5 work days 3 -5 work days
Denmark 2 - 3 work days 2 - 3 work days
Estonia 4 - 6 work days 4 - 6 work days
Finland 2 - 4 work days 3 - 5 work days
France 2 - 3 work days 2 - 3 work days
Germany 2 - 3 work days 2 - 3 work days
Hungary 3 - 5 work days 3 - 5 work days
Italy 3 -5 work days 3 -5 work days
Latvia 3 - 6 work days 4 - 6 work days
Lithuania 4 - 6 work days 4 - 6 work days
Luxembourg 2 - 3 work days 1 - 2 work days
Poland 2 - 5 work days 3 - 5 work days
Portugal 3 - 5 work days 4 - 6 work days
Slovakia 3 - 5 work days 3 - 5 work days
Slovenia 3 - 5 work days 4 - 6 work days
Spain 3 - 5 work days 3 - 5 work days
Sweden 2 - 3 work days 2 - 4 work days


Shipping costs: How much do I pay for shipping?

We offer different shipping methods:

  • Send as a registered package (traceable & insured): € 14,95
  • Send as a registered package (traceable, no insurance): € 9,95

How can I pay for my order?

Payment options may vary, depending on your location. The available payment options will be shown in your order overview. In general, we offer payment bycreditcard, Paypal or online bank transfer (depening on the availabe online banking services of your location). If there are any questions concerning payment options, shipping options or the order process, just drop us a note through [email protected] and we'll get in touch as soon as possible.

More info about ordering, shipping and payments can be found here



How long does it take to get my money back?

We always do our best to complete returns as soon as possible, but latest within 30 days after receipt of your return. If you return the complete order to us, you will get a complete refund, including shipping costs, from us.

How can I return my order?

You can re-use the packaging you received your order in. Use sturdy tape to reseail the package to ensure that we receive your return in proper and complete condition. If you want to use an envelope or box of your own, that's fine too. As long as it's sturdy enough so that it won't damage during shipping. Again, pay some extra attention to taping your package or envelope shut, we can't accept returns that are damaged or incomplete.

We attach a return form with each order. Simply fill it out, make sure you put our address label on your package and return it to us. Done!

Do I need to pay for returns? 

Nope! Returning goods is free of charge at All Over Piercings. But do make sure to keep the seal packages closed, due to hygenic reasons we only accept returns if your products are still in their intact, closed seal packaging. 


Sizing and Measuring

How do I measure my piercing?

Preferably with a caliper. Jewelry thread, balls and other (threaded) accessories are not measured when determining size, so always measure in between the ends. With rings, always measure the inside diameter. If you need to be absolutely sure of the size, measure your old, proper fitting jewelry or check with your piercer.

Wearable length, diameter, length?

Wearable length indicates the length of the part of the jewelry that is worn inside your stretched earlobe (or other piercing).

Diameter indicates the inside diameter of a ring, or the diameter of a threaded piercing accessory.

Length indicates the total length of the jewelry, measured in between accessories, balls, flares or ends.

Read more about piercing sizing here

Why is this size not available?

Why is this jewelry not available in 7mm/9mm/11mm/12mm/14mm? We get this question a lot... we always try our best to get every piercing size available for our jewelry. Unfortunately, not every manufacturer handles the same sizes. Some manufacturers only issue jewelry in American Wire Gauge sizes, which means that sizes such as 12 mm or 14 mm become obsolete, 13 mm is the replacement size. 7 mm, 9 mm and 11 mm are most of the times considered as 'in between' sizes, and often excluded from production. We understand that sometimes to slightly 'weird' sizes are needed, during a stretching process for example, so we do have some options available in those sizes. But unfortunately some sizes are still hard to get as of today.



I added a wrong address, now what?

Mistakes can happen, and we're here to help! Contact our customer service and we'll fix it for you.

I haven't received my order yet

Super annoying, but sometimes that can happen. Most European deliveries will be completed within 7 work days. If this takes longer, we usually adivse you to wait a little bit longer. In our experience, most deliveries are still completed within 14 work days after shipping out. However, if you are worried or need more info, don't hestitate to contact us. We'll keep an eye out on it for you and if your order still hasn't arrived after a reasonable waiting period, we will find a solution. In any case, we won't leave you empty handed and we're here to help, so please stay in touch.

Product availability: This product is out of stock, when will it be available again?

When a product has run out of stock, we'll always try to order sold out products as soon as possible. Usually this means that your item will be available again within a month, sometimes even quicker. But do make sure to click the 'keep me posted' button, you will be notified as soon as new stock has arrived.


What do these icons mean?

  This icon indicates a new product.

   This icon indicates a product from one of our weekly offers.

   This icon indicates an outlet product.

   This icon indicates a discounted product.


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