How to clean organic piercing jewelry

Got some dirty plugs that could use a good scrub? Learn all about how to clean organic piercing jewelry and keep them pretty, fresh and comfortable for a longer period of time!


Caring for Stone Jewelry

Stone piercing jewelry can easily be cleansed by taking a damp cloth and gently wipe them clean. It's best to keep your stone jewelry as dry as possible. Most stones can tolerate water, but semi-precious gem stones often feature some small cracks or dents on the surface. Which is of course completely natural and a major part of the beauty of natural stone, but submerging your jewelry in water often, might cause them to crack or damage sooner. Simply wipe them clean with a dry or slightly damp cloth and you're good to go!

Caring for Wooden Jewelry

Wooden piercing jewelry can be cleaned pretty easily. Just make sure your jewelry doesn't get wet and occassionally rub them with a nourishing, vegetable oil (such as jojoba) to keep them firm and happy. Keep them away from water or damp spaces, water will cause the grain of the wood to expand and can make the wearable surface less smooth. And believe it or not, water also contributes to drying out of the wood. It washes away the natural oils and dried out wood can crack more easily. An occassional wipe with a bit of oil and you will be able to enjoy your jewelry for a long time!

Caring for Horn and Bone Jewelry

Most piercing jewelry made of horn or bone is polished to a high sheen, making them very easy to clean. The only thing you need to do is wipe them clean with a clean cloth and a bit of vegetable oil (such as jojoba), and you're good to go. And as for most organic piercing jewelry, make sure your horn and bone piercing jewelry doesn't get wet, so no swimming or bathing with your pretty plugs or eyelets. Water will wash away the natural oils and can cause the material to crack. Your jewelry will also lose its beautiful polish and overall simply won't look too pretty after a while. So keep 'm dry and clean, and you'll be fine!


Suitable products for cleaning organic jewelry: