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Forget dry earlobes, use a little bit of our homemade Earwax to keep them happy & healthy! Earwax is our own nourishing balm that keeps your stretched earlobes and other piercings nourished and soft. Made of carefully selected ingredients and with a lovely, buttery consistency that allows you to lather those lobes with a good layer of Earwax. Earwax contains ingredients such as shea butter, argan and cocoa butter, all known for their deeply nourishing aspects. With an extra dose of Vitamin E to keep your lobes in prime condition. Perfect for lobe maintenance during the stretching process, but also great for daily maintenance of matured stretched earlobes. Earwax is also great to use as a stretching balm! After rubbing a bit of Earwax on your lobes, the soft and slippery constency helps you to stretch to a new sizes safely. Earwax is completely homemade and handmade, not tested on animals and 100% vegan.

How to use: Rub a bit of Earwax daily on your clean, stretched earlobes or other (stretched and healed) piercings and gently massage the skin. Wipe any residue on a clean cloth and use the left over Earwax to give your organic piercing jewelry a bit of

Want to use Earwax as a stretching balm? Just rub some Earwax on your piercing and stretching tool and stretch on!maintenance.

Contents: 10 gram, enough to give your earlobes a lush, daily dose of Earwax.



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