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The ideal stretching tools! High quality stretching pin made of super smoothly polished surgical 316L steel, with a total length of 75 mm. These stretching pins were designed exclusively by All Over Piercings and increase in size very gradually, allowing you to stretch your piercings as safely as possible. The finish of these pins is superb; they are polished to a high sheen, mirror finish giving you the smoothest possible stretching experience. The back of these stretching pins is slightly concave which helps guiding the jewelry when using these to insert them.
Please note: the listed end size of these stretching pins is the exact end size. These pins have a vary gradual increase and allow you to stretch only 1 mm at a time. For example, if you want to stretch from 7 mm to 8 mm, your current piercing size needs to be a least 7 mm.
  • High quality stretching pins
  • Exclusively available at All Over Piercings!
  • Made of smoothly polished surgical steel
  • The listed end size is the exact end size
  • A perfect match with single flared glass plugs!
Total length: 
75 mm
Surgical Steel


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7 reviews

Ik heb nog nooit zo fijne stretch materiaal gehad. Ik heb deze nu besteld. Uit me vorige bestelling had ik de stretch 10mm besteld met gel en olie en ik zit nu alweer op 12mm en dat sinds vorige week zaterdag 17-07-2019. Nog effe en ik zit weer op 14mm .
Ik vind de 1,2mm stretching pin erg fijn om piercing staafjes met dezelfde dikte in te doen, zeker in combinatie met de True Jelly strechting gel.
Ik heb de meest inflexibele oren ooit maar met deze stretch pin ben ik probleemloos van 12mm naar 13mm gegaan. Ik dacht niet dat het mogelijk was zonder de stretch plugs maar aanschouw het wonder. Ik zal deze pinnen zeker in de grotere maten aanschaffen. Ik raad ze iedereen aan.
Ook voor intiem piercings ideaal! Na meerdere malen proberen om zonder naald te stretchen deze besteld. Zonder problemen van 3mm naar 4mm gegaan.
I had been stuck at size 3mm for 2 months until I tried this pin! This is the easiest way I've ever stretched my ears and I love that the wide end is concave because my tunnel fits right in it and there's no pain or pushing required. Well worth the money.



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