Gold Vintage Opal Zirconia - Round


Gold Vintage Opal Zirconia - Round
  • Size
    1,2 mm
  • Diameter
    8 mm
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Are you going for subtle chique or a statement look? Whatever you're looking for, create your perfect look with ou 18 Karat gold jewelry! Our jewelry accessories instantly add a classy touch to every fashion outfit, and are perfect for creating the most exquisite curated ears. Our 18 karat gold jewelry is comfortable, trendy and made of the highest quality, genuine gold. Each threaded accessory features a beautiful design with high quality finish, set with synthetic opal and premium zirconia. Suitable for 1,2 mm internally threaded piercing jewelry (extra info: the thread of the accessory itself measures 0,8 mm in thickness and is suitable for 1,2 mm All Over Piercings internally threaded piercing jewelry). You will receive the threaded accessory only upon ordering, without stud or post. Please note that due to the unique shape of the attachment, changing jewelry might be a bit more challenging. But practice makes perfect and it will all be more than worth it in the end, our gold piercing accessories will turn your piercings into real eyecatchers!
  • Suitable for all kinds of piercings, including ear piercings, tragus piercings and helix piercings
  • Made of high quality, 18 karat gold and set with beautiful synthetic opal and premium zirconia
  • High end fashion accessories, perfect for creating your own, unique look!
  • Diameter accessory: 2 mm, 2,5 mm or 3 mm
Sapphire Blue Opal
Internally Threaded


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