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Click Ring
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Pretty basics! The perfect piercing ring if you like the look of a smooth segment ring, but need something that's easy to use as well. The segment of this click ring is hinged and can easily be opened and closed. The closing mechanism is very easy to use and allows a smooth insertion into your piercings. Made of surgical steel and available in different colors and sizes!
Surgical Steel


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3 reviews

It's been very hard to find a ring that is 4mm thick but only 8mm in size, and last time I bought a 4mm ring, it cost 30 euros. So I was very happy to find this here for a fair price. I've been wearing the piercing for about a year now and so far it's holding up well, even though I tend to open and close it a lot, which is easy to do - unlike with some other piercings I've had. The opening is definetly visible from a normal conversation distance, but I don't mind. Previously, I had a piercing that after a while would get a bit loose and open up on its own, so I had to adjust the piercings with plyers every now and again, but with this one, thankfully, this has not happened.
Just perfect!!! I finally got a ring with 4mm and a small diameter! It's super comfortable and easy to take off! It's a bit too polish for me, but it still pays off for the model to be so cool! You maybe notice the opening stripes more than the normal segment rings, but it's only if you look closely! It's the best septum I've ever had! Best segment ring in the market for me, and I've been searching a lot! Best online piercing store!! ;)
Ik ben erg tevreden met deze ring, kwalitatief gewoon goed. Verder erg praktisch als je de ring vaak uit moet doen voor meetings en dergelijke. Het was even wennen voor mij dat het clicksysteem altijd wel een beetje zichtbaarder is dan de segment-rings die ik hiervoor gebruikte.


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