Piercing Deodorant


Piercing Deodorant
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    5 g
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Get rid of those smelly piercings or stretched earlobes in an instant! All Over Piercings Piercing Deodorant is made of the finest ingredients that will help you elimate any funky smell off of your stretched ear lobes or any other piercing and is 100% vegan. All Over Piercings piercing deodorant smells fresh and spicy, without being too overwhelming. A blend of essential oils containing lemon and cloves fight of fungi and bacteria while ingredients such as shea butter and cocoa butter make sure your skin gets all the nutrients it needs. Packed in a small tin that will fit any bag or purse and will last a long time. 100% vegan!

How to use: warm up a bit of piercing deodorant with your finger and rub your piercings daily with a bit (really, a tiny bit is all you need!) of deodorant to keep them fresh, healthy and nourished. Wipe off any excess on a clean cloth and use it to clean up your jewelry to fight off any bacteria left. Put your jewelry back in your piercings and you're good to go!

Contents: 5 grams






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